About Kells

Started Streaming: November 5, 2013

Partnered with Mixer: June 8, 2017

Favorite Genre: Shooters // MMOs // Survival

Systems: PC // Xbox One // Nintendo Switch

Stream Rating: Teen - 18+ Time Zone: Eastern

Contact Email: info@kellsya.com


Kells creative side started at a young age with drawing and painting daily. His senior year of schooling he only had three classes, two advanced art classes and a vocational class in Commercial Arts (printing and advertising). Kells has learned many different mediums from painting to photography.


The great outdoors is another great passion of Kells. In the summer months, you will find more streams of disc golf, camping, fishing, and geocaching. Kells wants to inspire to get out and do more!


As with any content creator, Kells started gaming at a young age. His first console was the original NES. His passion these days are multiplayer games of any genres but World of Warcraft being his most played game to date. His passion turned into a collector of classic systems from Atari 2600 to Xbox One.